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Walden Pond is Open


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Walden Pond in Concord has officially opened the boat ramp. Informal skill practice usually takes place Wed., Fri. eves starting about 4:00 PM and lasting until 7:00PM. Sunday late mornings is another time. While few NSPN show a lot of Walden Pond Scum folks do. (Greenland skin boats, sticks for paddles, tuliks) Of all the venues for practice Walden is one of the cleanest, clearest spring water in the area.

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Any idea of the water temps?


I was there about 3 weeks ago for a first rolling session (carrying the lightweight raceboat down from the upper lot). The water was frigid, probably the coldest I've ever rolled in. Been in the ocean several times since then and it is warmer!

That said, I've got my Walden pass for the season and expect to be there on various weeknights before long. Let me know if you're going and I'll try to make it. Gotta work on that forward-to-forward norsaq roll....


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