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Activities Committee


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The activites committee has held an e-meeting on yahoo groups. We have started brainstorming for activity ideas. Here is what we have come up with, along with the ideas that were suggested at the general meeting in February:

Cold weather workshop

Cold water workshop

Packing your kayak for camping

Skin on frame boat constructing


Rough water

Comfortable Cockpits for baby boomers

Basic intro for new kids

How to buy a boat

Family paddle

Camp cookery


How to make custom gear

Basic strokes


Ergonomics/stretching safely

How to make your own drybags

Lectures for the winter months – make suggestions of exciting people to invite!

NSPN weekend at MIKCO – lots of classes for lots of levels – tailored to what we are looking for with an overnight on Peaks Island.

Kayak Treasure hunt – to test navigation skills

Sea kayak slalom race – 10 minute course-It would involve negotiating a marked course passing through tight spots, turns, reverse moves, in very friendly surging water among some rocks. It would test ones boat handling, mostly turning skills, not how fast one paddles forward. You'd have to do lots of draws, sweeps, edge the boat etc. Do it on a warm September Saturday, some place around Cape Ann or the islands off Manchester.

Our own “Dancing on Water” group - practicing strokes, braces, turns, rolls in a quiet-water setting and linking them into a choreographed on-the-water kayak dressage! This could be as a prelude to the slalom course, allowing people to practice maneuvers and boat handling in a non-hazardous setting.

Kayak Festival – done in conjunction w/ outfitters

If you would prefer to e-mail me with suggestions, please do so at: suzanne at pritchett at comcast dot net

The people that are currently listed on the committee are:

Linda Shelburne

Ken Cooper

Christopher Godfrey

Kim Flint

Al Coons

Jonathan Richardson

Richard Najarian

Suzanne Pritchett

If you would like to be part of the planning committee, please let me know soon so that you can be in on the ground floor! If you are willing to share you special expertise in an area and would like to volunteer, let me know that too!



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What a list! We'll all have to quit our jobs and just do this stuff full time. :-))

The only thing I can think of to add is:

Wilderness First Aid practice scenarios.

After past SOLO classes we talked about getting together to refresh our learning and practice what we had learned but we never got around to it.

Liz N.

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Guest guest

Looks fun!

I got a lot out of a class in using VHF radios recently...perhaps something along these lines?

Oh, and what about a gear swap/NSPN garage sale kind of event?


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On the Kayak Festival -- might want to think about hooking up with Gulf Of Maine Sea Kayak Symposium (I have no commercial affiliation with this group) -- they are intent on engaging more with the local clubs, etc., and fostering a Gulf of Maine centric kayaking community, so may be a good synergy. Organizers include both vendors, club folks and others.

I can follow up with more info if you are interested -- Chris Godfrey can also talk about it.


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I would be happy to help with some of these activites if you need folks to support specific programs. Mike Crouse and I coach sea kayaking in the fall at Andover so it's hard for me to participate in the trip leader program. It is unlikely that I can find much more time to lead trips, but I would like to contribute to the club if possible. I have solid calm water coaching abilities (BCU coach 2 training at MIKco and three seasons coaching with Mike) and also have a woodworking & boat building background (one strip built boat recently and thinking about another). I have also done a fair amount of solo camping often on remote Maine fresh water. The activity list sounds great - fell free to email me at michaelewilliams@verizon.net if I can help!

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