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Paddling the Bold Coast Question


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Sometime this past Fall someone asked here about paddling from Machias to Lubec (bold coast).

If they still looking for info, please message me here. I have some info about planning that trip.

Ed Lawson

Ed share with all of us! I have always wanted to do this trip. I believe Dave and Deb Duncanson have done this one.

Maybe I will be able to carve out the time in the fall for it.


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If I had known you were coming, I would have baked a cake. When I chatted with the person who had done it I really did not ask many questions nor do I have any great details. They described it as just another weekend trip...no big deal. Of course these are folks who are at home in their kayaks along the Maine coast.

This is all I know, but I think its enough to go have an excellent adventure when you do some homework. To make it long enough for a decent weekend trip, opportunity to explore a bit, and have time to lounge about and enjoy being there (which is the point isn't it?), they started at Bucks Harbor in Machias Bay. There is a State Forest Preserve along the coast north of Cutler where backpacking/camping is fine. In this area which is around 14M south of West Quoddy Head, there are several little pocket beaches where you can camp. The picture of their campsite looked much like the picture on page 305 of Miller's book on Kayaking in Maine. Small cobble pocket beach ending in a steep cliff. From the campsite they cruised up on the flood into Lubec which was a total of 17M the second day. I don't know if they went up to Eastport and hauled out at the Boat School or stopped at Lubec. Either way you don't need to go near the Old Sow...sorry John. They said the flood was much stronger than the ebb on the coast and you make very good time going up. Timing the trip with the tide is important, especially timing getting to West Quoddy Head since if you get there when the ebb current starts you are toast.

They did it in late October as I recall and I think Suz has it right about a Fall trip. Fog is no small deal up there and it is much less frequent after August.

Basically, it sounded as if it is straightforward assuming the weather is OK, you pay attention to the tide, and you can cruise at a good pace in fair or foul. Which is to say, you need to be a decent paddler.

Ed Lawson

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