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short sleeved dry top-advice needed


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I just got a nice short sleeved dry[ish] top from peak UK,;the combi jacket [ great deal on sierra trading post]. It has latex seals on the arms but a neoprene neck.

The neck synches down for a pretty and comfortable tight fit [if I could just get the thing over all that hair without going into the loonie bin] but because of the wrinkles in the neoprene I'm concerned about water tightness.

I plan to use the jacket in the colder Maine waters primarily in the two warmest seasons and plan to do some rolling practice in it.

Do you think having the neoprene collar is a bad choice?

Thanks for your opinion.


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Hi Karen,

Don't plan to do a lot of rolling as the neck seal will leak. I had one with a neo gasket and returned it for a latex seal shortie. I use the shortie under a tuiliq right through most of the winter months coupled with a pair of gortex bibs. It will be enough for the occasional dunking but if you spend a while doing a bunch of rolls you will get wet. If you really want to spend a lot of time getting wet spend the bucks for a good dry suit or dry top combo.


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i am a firm believer of neoprene gaskets...maybe it is just that my neck fits them better....i am not certain....but i have the Stohlquist Swicx jacket and love them...and also have the pod-t that has the same neck and have not had any problems.....i used ot have Navarro tops til they died....and they had neo necks as well....


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