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GJ Carey

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Morning All,

My company is havinga retreat on Thursday and Friday of this week in Chatham on the Cape. There may be an opportunity to sneak out and paddle for a couple of hours. I'm looking for some local advice on some potential spots I could use to get on the water and poke around.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Galen,

One of my favorite trips is to put in in a little cove at the west end of Pleasant Bay and head straight out to the ocean or down between Chatham and the national seashore.

The public put in is at the end of Cove Landing Road right off of Rt. 28 in Chatham (cross street is Pleasant Bay Rd.). You can then paddle east through Pleasant Bay and out through the new break in the national seashore (head east until you get to the inside of the national seashore and then turn south for < 1 mi). The break has some substantial current at full flood and can have standing waves when the tide is going out :surfcool: . If the ocean is too rough you can turn south and stay inside the national seashore and paddle down to the break at Chatham light. This area is also interesting at full flood but not nearly as much as it used to be before the break opened further north.

When I was last there in August, the tide information for Pleasant Bay had not been updated to take the new break into account and was substantially wrong. Also there are many sand bars in the area which are dry at low tide, so plan your route and timings accordingly.



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Some more sheltered options include - putting in on the causeway south of the Chatham Coast Guard station and paddling south around North Monomoy Island - the flats can be a bit tricky to negotiate at low tides.

Also, you could put in at Harding beach and paddle over to the flats of the Monomoy's.

If you want something more quiet and inland, there's the Herring River in Harwich Port. You can put in where Lower County Road crosses the Herring, and paddle to the mouth, play around a bit, or paddle upstream a few miles. It's a wildlife refuge, and there are tons of birds there, all year round (including Wilson's Snipes....never thought I'd ever see a *real* snipe).

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Deb and I paddled the Herring River with her cousin Tim as local guide a few years back in our first kayaks, Old Town ®Egrets. We put it at the landing at Rt 28 and paddled up to the head on a warm fall day. Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife and gentle current. Also a few snapping turtles.

Have fun!

Bob & Deb

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