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Only in Maine


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While in Biddeford on Sat. I met someone with a Romany with only the old ASSC decals on it. I asked if it was an old one and this followed.

"A-Yah, its about 16 yrs old."

Still looks good.

"Thanks, its my yard sale boat."

You bought it at a yard sale?

"A-Yah, I was driving along and saw it propped up at a yard sale so I stopped to take a look.

Seemed fine so I asked how much he wanted. He said it didn't know what a fair price was for the boat. Then he said why don't I take it for a few weeks to see how it paddles. If I didn't like it, just bring it back, and if I liked it, just give him what I thought a fair price for it."

Oh, as for paddling, roll practice seemed a little "invigorating" today what with air temp around 46 and water lower 50's.

Ed Lawson

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hi Ed---went paddling both sat and sun---sat at MDI and then sunday at a local lake with a friend who wanted to practice his rolls in his new dry suit with his new warner paddle---one of the 450 dollar jobs with a crooked shaft---was sunny and still at 9 am---looked like the weather was at least headed to the 60 mark---got to the lake, clouded over, wind picked up to 24 mph---and temp didn't get above 49--still went out, friend rolled once, did fine but decided not to roll a second time---I didn't have a neoprene hat and didn't feel like getting the icecream head/ache---could have borrowed my buddies but was still too cold for me---so I know what you mean about rolling practice in Oct in Maine---still a good thing to practice though so when I got back I placed an order for the hat. Maybe next time. and BTW it's spelled "Ayuh" not "Ayah"--lol

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And an <ayah> is actually a child's nanny -- in one of the Indian languages (Hindi?) The word is certainly used in East Africa, as are many other Indian words (chai, dhobi, wallah, fundi, etc...)

You are a wonderment when it comes to language. BTW, what is the basis for the influence of India in East Africa? Is that the result of long established trade routes or a product of the British Empire bringing people from India to Africa to assist with administration or construction or whatever?

As for paddling and banter about darkside, am finding a tuilik very nice this time of year. Have yet to master getting it on rim fast, but less cumbersome for paddling than feared and flexibility is great.

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There's lots of stuff that fits into the "only in Maine" bucket. First off, it's a rule that one of the first 5 songs you will hear on the radio, after crossing the Piscataqua, is by Bob Seger. It's like being in a time warp. Two stories, one from personal experience, one from the local fishwrap (AKA newspaper):

1) my wife and two small kids were walking by the lobster pier in Boothbay Harbor and saw an obviously rabid raccoon going after one of the employees. The poor guy was fending the animal off with a wooden chair, but it was extremely aggressive and it wasn't clear that the guy could avoid being bitten for long. Until a passing pickup screeched to a halt, and the driver grabbed the (loaded) shotgun off the rack in his cab and shot the animal dead. "Only in Maine."

2) during hunting season, a man stopped on Rt. 27 in Boothbay and leveled his shotgun over the hood of his car, aiming at an alpaca at a local farm. Another passerby stopped and told him that he shouldn't shoot the domesticated animal, whereupon the first character opined "I know a damn deer when I see one" and shot the alpaca dead. "Only in Maine."


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Dow!!! Ya gut it wrong!

From a tongue and cheek existance....I am a mainer...

You know your in Maine (past Brunswick) when the house is on wheels and the car is on blocks..

You know your in Maine when there is a refrigerator on the front porch..

The front yard is called a dooryard..


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