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Gerrish Island Paddle 9/29/07


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Looks like fun! Are you planning on racing or watching?


From what I understand, the race part is limited to the earnest, Most of the paddlers are there for fun and comradeship . I'm planning to participate and maybe get the prize for the slowest paddler ever to circle Gerrish.
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The start is not at Braveboat harbor, it starts at the concrete culvert at the top of Chauncy Creek.

Might be in the area.....was hoping to row a boat around it this year but need oarlocks.......

Everyone should read the seacoastonline article......

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I remember one year when Brave Boat harbor entrance was about closed out. I looked over my shoulder, rowing my ducker, and could see all the way into a double whitehall or some such that was ahead of me. Not many kayaks then. And a couple of us rescued a few kayakers that had gone out to test their skills on the breaks on one of the off shore ledges. Then there was the sight of Kinley Gregg in sliding seat boat going totally submerged as she ran inside one of the ledge systems. Off shore storm swell kicked that one up.

Its worth doing if you have never done it or if you have.

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