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Tropical paddling destinations....?

Brad Fournier

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Well, if kayaking is the primary objective, I'd suggest you consider Baja. Lots of different outfitters for different tastes from mild to wild. It's a magical place with stark desertscapes meeting the topaz blue sea. While I did only paddling when I went, there are numerous other diversions also available including mtn biking, horseback riding, hiking, etc. Winds can be an issue in early part of calendar year so plan some non-paddling days while there.

If a beautiful tropical location is the primary objective with some paddling opportunities thrown in, I highly recommend St. John USVI. Most of the island is a National Park and, therefore, unspoiled. This is something pretty rare in the Carribean. No high rises lining the gorgeous beaches. Lodging from camping to villa rentals. I personally love Maho Bay Camps. Oh yeah, the paddling... An outfitter on St. John is Arawak Expeditions http://www.arawakexp.com I haven't been in a few years but have paddled just day trips with them a couple of times.

Have fun!

Carl C.

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I can recommend the Baja as one of the great padddling destinations. I first heard about the Baja when I read Steinbeck's "The Log From the Sea of Cortez" in high school. Never dawned on me that place would be as special as his descriptions!

The colors, the beaches, the layers of rocks, the step land along the sea, and whales, birds and animals, the pace, and the people make for a wonderful, unique trip.

If you want to pay for a group guided trip, Tofino (www.tofino.com) is known for running top quality trips. They have 5 different itineraries in the Baja this year including advanced trips. Other groups also run good trips, each with there own tone, costs, and approach.

Go for it!


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