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So Long - Part 2

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I joined NSPN 5 years ago. I was our typical new member – I went out with an outfitter a couple of times – didn’t go over – so I thought I knew how to paddle, I bought a boat – got into trouble – and realized there was more to it.

In my first year, I learned a lot from the likes of Bob, Jed, John, Adam, Keith, Rick, Jill, Erica and many more. I went out almost every weekend. When there was a call for trip leaders the following year – I enrolled – wanting to give back for the great experiences that I had. At the end of that second year, I had led or co-led more than a dozen trips and was recruited for the board. The “Give Back” theme played and again I enlisted. The following year, it was the presidency ..…

During the year of my co-presidency, Jim and I led the board as we developed our 10 goals for 2003. Among them was to increase our member count (which had declined the previous 2 years), increase our trip offerings, our educational offerings, re-launch the web site (before the old one collapsed from its own weight) and more. We accomplished 8 of the 10 – and surpassed many of our own expectations. I am proud of the accomplishments that the club achieved during last year. And yes, we made a few mistakes along the way….

The accomplishments came with a large price – and that was time. I have a beautiful yellow lab who has missed far too many morning walks because I had an NSPN conference call. I have a husband who now interprets the phrase, “I just need 5 minutes to log onto the message board” to mean that he has time to design and build a new addition to the koi pond. And I have non-paddling friends and family who have seen less of me than they should have. And somehow during all of this, the NSPN that was a sense of enjoyment – became more of a time-sucking obligation – and some of the fun has been lost (yeah I know - delegate…..)

The recent postings of people asking and even begging to be more involved is encouraging – needed and wanted. The club exists and continues to exist – because of all of our members who volunteer. The recent energy is invigorating. I think it’s great and applaud those who will actually become more involved. And the timing could not be better!

When the board met last fall, a number of us agreed to stay on one more year - and work to recruit and cultivate a new group of club leaders. It is apparent that there are more people who are ready to get involved - now. While it is true that the bylaws can not be changed overnight, a few of us could make room for some additional new directors so that the club can benefit - sooner than later from this new energy.

In that spirit, I am resigning as Co-President, Chair of the Web Committee and from the board. I encourage those of you who want to get more involved to ask the board to hold an election to fill my seat. The bylaws can accommodate this.

I will remain NSPN’s biggest fan – I have made a lot of friends and learned so much - and I look forward to seeing you all when the harbors melt and it’s time to be on the water again – and in the mean time – I have a husband and daughter/dog that need some quality time.

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Thanks for the energy, time and effort you put into the NSPN endeavor. To set 10 goals and achieve 8 of them for an organization entirely of volunteers is an amazing achievement!

I think you and Jim have certainly earned your time to paddle and do things with your "free time" other than NSPN "organizational matters." From what I have read and seen, the standard for time, effort and commitment that has been set is pretty daunting. Hopefully more than two very dedicated (or masochistic?) folks are willing to step up to the plate and spread the load. :)

Thanks for the hard work.


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I remember your comments at the holiday party in December 2002 (But I told my husband no more volunteer jobs!) I remember the scope of goals you challenged the board with. I remember realizing mid-year that you were putting in hundreds of hours by combining all the board work with chairing the web committee. The club is stronger for your dedication.

Thanks for the personal sacrifice. I hope you get to paddle a lot this coming season and that you recover in time to lead the annual seal trip in September.

Thanks from a grateful member of NSPN.


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Thanks for all the hard work , time and extreme dedication you invested in NSPN. I don't think most of us begin to know how much work being a co pres was. Thanks for all you did, all the goals you

accomplished in 2002. Wishing you LOTS of paddling and relaxation!

Be Well


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I really can't imagine all the time and effort and dedication that you and Jim and all the BOD members have given to NSPN. Congratulations on a year of accomplishments and thank you for giving of your time and talent.

Now have some fun!

See you on the water soon,


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In addition to spending more time with your husband and non-paddling friends, you may find that you have more time to work on your own kayaking skills!

I want to say that you were the right person at the right time for NSPN. By staying behind the scenes the way you did, most members and other people reading this board had no way of knowing the heavy lifting that occurred in 2003. Each time I heard you speak about the creation of the new website, the steps you were taking, and the work of the website committee, I got a very tight knot in my stomach. Each time I thought "I'm so glad this did not happen on my watch." People have often referred to this website as our club's home. Few knew how close it came to burning to the ground. Few knew how amazing it was to get this new site up so quickly, ready for improvements in 2004, at a cost the club could afford. Yeah, yeah, yeah: more delegation and communication. That would have been good too. I could never have done what you pulled off. Thanks!

Liz N.

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Dear Lisa,

Although I am saddened by your resignation, I also know how important family is to you. You will be missed.

You and Jim have done so much for NSPN. We, as a board, launched 10 goals for last year - major goals. I'd like the members to know how hard you worked and how much was accomplished. The membership was increased, the new website was launched, many more trips, classes and workshops were held. This and much more. Along with all your work as co-prez, web committee, and various other jobs, you managed to lead many, many trips last summer. You should be proud of everything that has been done under your leadership. I thank you for all your hard work.

As your friend and fellow NPSN member, I wish you the best. Let's enjoy what we came to the club for in the first place, paddling!

See you on the water,

Your friend,


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