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Blackburn 2004 Preparation


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It is a marathon. Last year I did it at a "I want to finish and live to tell of it" pace. This year I intend to cut 30 minutes off my time. So, I am working on:

1) increasing my aerobic capacity - spinning, swimming

2) increasing my strength - weights

3) increasing my flexibility - yoga

4) improving my technique - The "catch" is the weakest part of my stroke. I can work on that in pools sessions without running people over.

5) lightening my load, like a good American should. :-))

I had some links to good sites for shoulder exercises and stretching for kayakers but somehow lost them. Does anyone have them? Keith: you had some good stuff on stretching.

Thanks for any advice.

Liz N.

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I'd add three more but most important items to your list;

1. Spend as much time as I can paddling "hard" for more than an hour at each session, do that three times per week once it gets warmer.

2. Get to know the entire route of the race, enough to know split times to land marks along the way.

3. Race the Essex and Charles River 19,9,or 6 mile

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Thanks Guy. I let it through.

But, for some reason I cannot get this pdf. (Same problem when I click on the link Sean gave.) When it starts I get a message: "Could not find the Color Space named Cs6." Then: "This file contains information not used by the viewer. Suppress further errors." Whether I click yes or no, I get all black pages.

Any suggestions from our techies? I am sure the problem is on my end so feel free to write me privately rather than cluttering the message board with my computer woes.

Liz N.

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