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“Canadian Military” drysuits on

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Dear Paddlers,

Do any of you have any experience or feedback regarding the “Canadian Military” drysuits currently available on Ebay? For around $85.00 it seems like, if it works, it would be a coup. They say it’s breathable Gortex. It’s got a relief zipper. It’s advertised as “new.” The only thing the one I’m interested in is lacking are ankle gaskets/booties. Do any of you know how difficult these would be to install myself, or where I could have them installed locally, and what the cost might be?

Any info would be great.


Roger Pollock

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Sing has one of these, so perhaps he can provide some feedback. The only comments I have on them are that they're a bit heavier and stiffer than most commercial dry suits, and they certainly appear to be very well made.

As for installing booties, it's pretty easy. You can get everthing you need from OS Systems at:


The price list for parts is at:


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I don't know about the suits...if you find out, be sure to let us know. I wouldn't let the lack of booties stop you...there are a number of members who have them and a number who don't, and there is often a thread going as to which is better. Without attempting to be exhaustive, the arguments usually go something like:

pro: easier to put on, warmer feet, no loss of circulation in the feet

con: harder to replace when you tear them, need protection.

You can always add the booties after you buy the suit...many members have done this as well.

Last weekend, a goofy member of our clan paddled all morning, diving in and out of the rocks and usually finding the largest set of waves to thrash him in the surf...occasionally on the edge of dumping. At lunch he discovered he had his relief zipper open all morning....it would have been a dangerously cold surprise, and his booties would have made it all the more difficult to get the water out fast.

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Can't remember where I found this but here is a company that is in Connecticut that does repairs and will add on the booties. If you e-mail them, they will e-mail you a price list which I will e-mail you now.


Outerware Repair

(800) 595-8552

604 Opening Hill Road

Madison, CT 06443

Good luck,


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The sea seemed intent on punishing me that day and I couldn't figure out why, until I discovered the open zipper. Lesson learned.

Regarding the dry suit booties, these suits come without anything on the ends of the legs, which would make them much less than dry if booties weren't added. Apparently, the Canadian military customizes these suit for each pilot. Nice, eh?

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I think there is a dive shop on Mass Ave. that will do gasket dry-suit work. I also think I "heard" it on one of the trimming neck gasket threads.


"Would a knife help protect you against a ‘curious’ shark? I don’t know but I would like the option." - Trevor Gardner

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Hey mike go to ebay type in "drysuit" one word the select most expensive and you'll see it at the bottom of the page.

Happy new year! sorry I missed you at the party must sleep now!

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Other sizes available. Do as Peter has said,

click on the item and then on "View sellers

other items." They have others that have no

or lower bids including an unissued "small,

short- fits 33-36" chest, height to 50" suit

that would need booties attached. Also saw

some in "good" and "very good" condition with

booties in some cases. Military equipment as

a rule is overbuilt, no compromise, money-is-

no-object quality. Even though I have a rela-

tively new Kokatat suit, if I could fit into

one of these, I would be all over it. If

someone out there is thinking of a drysuit,

this may be a great opportunity.


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knife at the lowest point and let the water drain out as you come up. I don't know if everybody else has thought of this, but I'll post it anyway.

Duct tape anyone?

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