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Need advice on the last two pieces of equipme


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My wife and I are having a debate. Now that Christmas is over I think I am almost fully equipped for the spring. Thanks to good suggests and help from all of you, my PFD will be loaded with a whistle, knife, radio, sunscreen, lipbalm and I will have a tow belt around my waists (both of them now that the Holiday Season is drawing to a close). We know that I am missing both 1) cup holders and 2) gorp/popcorn containers.

The debate is which is most appropriate as her next present to me.

I feel that dual cup holders lined with appropriate foam so that appropriate liquids are quickly available with either a left hand grab or right hand grap are first priority. I know that we should not skimp and get the cheap holders. Like everything in kayaking, you want the good stuff as soon as you see the faults with the inexpensive gear. I know I need the special $300 attachment system which is compatible for my PFD since it is the only one that keeps the lids from flying off the cups when surfing.

She feels strongly that I can always steal camelbacks from other kayakers in the group (after the appropriate bonking with my $8000 ginsu paddle) so I really need to get the gorp/popcorn containers first. Again, we know that we want the expensive models that both select the right color MMs out of the gorp while using solar power to pop and butter the popcorn. The kayak division of the Mars Company makes one unit that is compatible with my PFD for only $250.

We can only afford one of these right now. As always, your help on deciding which to buy first is appreciated.


Eddyline Knighthawk

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Al, aren't you forgetting the battery-operated foghorn that we have decided (thanks to our field researchers Alex and Andrew) must be considered obligatory for paddling on the Maine coast?

I strongly recommend a large-capacity 12v lead-acid battery stowed between your thighs, where your bodyheat will keep it at a nice constant temperature and where it will do double-duty as valuable ballast. To the afterdeck you can attache one of those clever, space-age, solar panels to keep this battery in top-top condition and on the foredeck you might position (with Brian Nystrom's assistance, of course) a large, red panic button to activate the horn which should be mounted (I think) on your long schnozz -- I mean on your bows.

In addition, I suspect that RadioShack will be able to supply you with a timer for prolonged, automatic use of the foghorn. Remember to research very carefully the tonal qualities of the foghorn for melifluous sound and for carrying power: it must not disturb, unduly, nesting birdlife along the shore and on rocky islands!

Don't you think this might conceivably be more important than the popcorn? Kind regards to you and your wife from the various Sub-Committees on Safety, Nutrition, Environmental Impact and Ornithological Studies.

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Did you not get the new catalog! There is now a gyroscopically controlled cup holder that uses a fan attached to the gyroscope to supply air for the air horn. With the new features the horn automatically sounds when the holder is twisted to a position that would cause said contents to spill. There is an upgrade that has a track around the boat so that your cup can stay upright even when you don’t.

Bob Lambert

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