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surf boats rock

rick stoehrer

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with great anticipation we headed to nahant yesterday to see if anything was abuzz in the surf....to find not a whole lot going on - knee to waist high stuff-tops.

not to be deterred we launched...on waves as small as this we were even able to straighten out on a few rides and surf backwards straight...that's fun and a different kind of challenge...everything is reversed!

funny how every time you go out you learn a little more...i found (and perhaps i am a verrrry slow student) that if i were ahead of the pocket a bit it was much easier to correct my course as opposed to being in the pocket or on the face...the back end of the long boat gets "stuck" in the wave if you're that far back and in front like that you have an easier time...so you make your correction and then lean back to let the wave catch you again...anyways, just one more "trick" in the bag...maybe i was doing it all along and just realized it last night...dunno, but i certainly recognized it last night.

so anyways, werner and bill brought their surf boats and even a few to spare (which we all liberally borrowed) and those little suckers were a blast! the waves were too small for short boat surf newbies such as us to do anything more than a few turns along the waves but sheesh, they were a blast....of course these boats don't don't come in real adult sizes and so consequently walter and i were for the most part either mostly submerged or looking at the sky since the back ends on these boats have little buoyancy and sunk beneath our denser frames (i'm not fat, i'm dense...yeah, that's the ticket) but still they were a hoot! bill has a sit on top cobra that is just fun as hell...you take off down the wave with the water splashing everywhere pretty much just having a grand ole time.

important safety tip - always wear your dang helmet....i gave myself a whack in the head last night with a boat full'a water and i still have a headache...decided last night on the way home that if i had blurred vision/nausea or anything like that i'd a gone directly to hospital...thankfully, just a solid whack to the noggin...apparently any drain bamage inflicted was minimalistixcasdf.....aaagghhhh.

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