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(Near) Circumnav of Cape Ann -- Thursday 7/19


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Launching from Greasy Pole at 9:00 AM (butts in boats) Thursday for a counter-clockwise near circumnavigation of Cape Ann (to the High School, where we'll spot a car). Likely stop for lunch (BYO) at a friendly home on the north side of the Cape.

18+ NM, mostly open coast and some protected water. SnG rules apply.

Post interest here or to -- djlewis aht triadic daht cahm.


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David--I'll be there--Thurs. looks like a great day to do this-SW 5 to 10 -- and before the challenge--will have my new Impex Force 3 to beat your butt-maybe-

les aka swearing ferret

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>Al, as one of a small minority of Cetus owners you might

>want to check out these videos from the UK.


Saw them a few days ago. Like the hull comparisons. But they (make sure you see them both) need to be taken with a grain of salt. He did not do his homework before making comments. The skeg works smoothly when you do it correctly. Not sure about doing it in winter gloves, but it will work fine in my garage after November. The small storage compartment in front of the cockpit is great. Did not think it would be of much use, but after the first time I pulled out an energy bar, put sun glasses away, and switched hats without taking off my spray skirt I was hooked.

By the way, for those of you trying out a Cetus, make sure you test it while moving. It seems many who borrow mine paddle at 1/2 mile/hour edge and turn it. Same thing I did initially, but make sure you ALSO try under normal forward conditions.


Al Coons


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The forecast at the moment is for chance of t-storms from 2:00 PM on. If that changed and there were a lot of t-storms already active and/or on the radar headed for the area on Thursday morning, that might make us ponder.

Apart from that, we'll be almost entirely near shore, and there are lots of bail-out points. Also, we figure to be in the river by 1:00-2:00 PM.

I will post my own last-minute opinion here at 7:00 AM on Thursday. As usual with a private trip (aka show-n-go), everybody is responsible for their own decisions.


PS: I'll probably drive up on schedule in any case. At the very least, we can play around somewhere in the vicinity for the morning.

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