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Rowley & Great Marsh -- Saturday 6/16 -- level 2 or 2+


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Deborah and I paddling the Great Marsh up to Rowley on Saturday 6/16, leaving 11:30-noon from Ipswich's Pavilion Beach or Eagle Hill Beach (5 minute drive from Pavilion). That way, we can get a couple of hours at the NDK Demo Day at Pavilion and then paddle.

We'd love to have company, so we're posting this as a Private Trip (aka SnG, but would like to hear who might come).

From Eagle Hill this would be 6-7 miles of flat but gorgeous paddling in the Marsh and on the Rowley, OR, if we leave from Pavilion, 10-11 miles including some current in Plum Island Sound both ways (up to 1.5 kts of tail-current). We can decide depending on who comes and their preferences.

The Great Marsh has been described as a "paradisaical expanse of salt marsh and sky", especially at high tide, which it is on this plan. This has been a popular NSPN trip in past years, but because of circumstances is a Private Trip this year. There are only a few weekends a season when the tides are right and the greenheads dormant, and after this one there's only one more until September.

Post interest here or to -- djlewis aht triadic daht cahm.


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