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Rough Water Workshops in November--New dates

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Well, we’re looking for trouble again.

Got your strokes, rescues and tows down pretty well, but sometimes you wonder how they’d hold up when things get rough? Has it been a while since you rolled or hooked up a tow in serious conditions? Never been in rough water but want to see what it is like? If any of the descriptions above fit you, you could help us look for trouble.

We’re holding two rough water workshops in November. The idea is provide a relatively safe setting for you to practice your skills in rough water. We’ll have club instructors review the basic skills, demonstrate them in conditions and then we’ll try them out. The kind of trouble we’re looking for is swells, chop, surf, wind and current—we’ll take whatever we can get. Cold water will be a factor, so we’ll have to consider what changes when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees. The purpose of the workshop is to practice in rough water with the back up of experienced fellow paddlers. At the end, you should have an appreciation of where you are and what you need to work on.

The program will cover:

• Cold water preparation (a short summary of last weekend’s cold water workshop)

• Recovery and directional strokes (braces, turns and maneuvering)

• Rescues (T-rescues and self-rescues such as paddle float, rolls and re-enter and roll)

• Tows (hook up, tows and assists)

• Environmental awareness (how to read winds and waves, tides and currents)


These are official NSPN workshops open to all club members. You will need to present a membership card.

You will need solid Level 3 skills including boat control in wind, good bracing and ability to perform both self-rescues (paddle float or roll) and assisted rescues (T-rescue) on flat water. We will assume you have practiced these successfully and want to try them out (perhaps for the first time) on rough water. This is not the place to learn how to brace or how to do a rescue: if you haven’t done them before, you will be in over your head—literally. You need NOT have a tow line or have done tows, though we will be demonstrating and practicing this. You do NOT need a roll.

Due to water temps (about 50 degrees) and the fact that we will definitely be in the water, dry suits are mandatory. We strongly advise you to come with neoprene gloves and a neoprene hood. You will also need a helmet. If you do not have gloves, a hood or a helmet, let us know as we may have a limited number to loan.

Anyone who wants to take the workshop in a wetsuit, please let us know and we’ll add a hypothermia drill to the program.


Saturday, November 1, 9:00-4:00

Sunday, November 9, 9:00-4:00

Both dates will offer the same program though the conditions may make the two days very different experiences. Feel free to sign up for both days, but there is a possibility we will limit you to one day if too many sign up.

Trip Level: 3-4. No guarantee we’ll find Level 4 conditions, but we’ll go into them if they exist. The workshop is designed for Level 3 paddlers ready to push to Level 4 with backup.

Location: TBD. We will go where the conditions are. The Cape Ann area is the probable location, but we may have to go south of Cape Cod (i.e. Westport, MA).

Details and preparation will be sent to participants who sign up.

RSVP to Scott Camlin at scamlin@restructassoc.com, including:

• Name

• Emergency Contact name and telephone number

• Boat description

• ACA number

A short description of paddling background (training, experience and skills) would be helpful. (NSPN trip leaders need not include this.) If you have any questions about the workshop or the requirements, let us know.

Scott Camlin

617 484-9089

617 791-5233

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This is a really generous offer of the most difficult type of instruction to give or find. I will see you on the water! I will pass it on when it would be safe for me to do so.

Peter K

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rough conditions are rare enough around here and to have a chance to practice what we enjoy in a relatively safe enviroment is a fantastic opportunity. this late in the season, what better time to hone the skills we have been practicing all summer long?

come on folks - this is what it's all about!

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Scott has provided his e-mail address so that participants can send him their ACA#, boat description, and contact information.

Dee Hall

Impex Currituck, Blue over Ivory

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