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Salem Maritime Festival Trip Sat. August 4th!

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This is a club trip. L2+. We'll launch from Riverside in Marblehead and paddle to Derby Beach in Salem for the 19th annual Salem Maritme Festival! Once on the beach, we'll take time to enjoy the festival and have lunch. We'll return to Marblehead for the take out. I'll post details asap on this thread since the Calendar is still down. So mark your calendars and come on down to Salem!

For more details on the festival, go to:


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The Calendar is still down, so don't forget about this trip! To RSVP, please email the following information to Gillian at gilliankirstel2003 at yahoo dot com:



boat description

phone number


emergency contact with phone number.

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Hello all! So far we have only 1 participant and 1 who's doing a one way trip with us. Please register directly with me by Thursday of this week to see if it's worth it to run the trip! Email me directly at gilliankirstel2003@yahoo.com! Thanks! :)

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This L2 is still on!

Deb, Walter, Billy, and I will be joining Gilly.

Last year's trip was a lot of fun, with visits to the festival

and a tour of the ships in residence.


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