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Blackburn on Saturday


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The 2007 Blackburn Challenge is being run this Saturday (21st) and promises to be one of the largest and fastest kayak fields in the race's history.

Greg Barton (two time olympic gold medalist and current Blackburn course record holder) will be paddling surfski. This year he will have New York's Joe Glickman and several fast paddlers from the West Coast out to give him a run for his money. You can expect these guys to get around Cape Ann in a little over 2.5 hours.

More details on the top line up are at www.nesurfski.net

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Thanks to the NSPNer's that were out by the Dog Bar to cheer the racers on, it was much appreciated as turning around the wall put many a set of tired shoulders straight in to the wind.

Yesterday's race was very fast, with Greg Baron completing the 20 mile course in 2:32:58 in a touring boat - fast enough to beat the first ski home! A race report and preliminary racing class results are now online:


Thanks again.


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Yes ditto on the NSPN crew cheering us on! I know I recognized Walter at the end of the Dogbar. Very fun race and a great area to paddle. I should make the trek to the North Shore more often. I have to say I was surprised at the favorable tide for most of the race. I expected it for the first half but not the second half. Maybe the tide switched mid race and the flood was giving us a push

on our way to the Dogbar and the 5 or so miles before???

By the way my GPS read 19.69 statute miles for the race course.


NDK Explorer

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