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July 15 - Sunday - Rock Gardening with Jeff Allen/Simon Osborne


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Space available - come out and have fun!

If you are interested in attending, please shoot me an e-mail or just show up tomorrow for a 9:30 a.m. launch and you can sign up on the spot. Non members welcome to attend as there is space available.

The meeting spot is Gloucester Harbor - Greasy Pole - directions at bottom of e-mail.



Suzanne dot hutchinson at comcast dot net


Date : 15th Jul 2007

Time : 09:00:00 AM

Repeat yearly? : No

Description : TIME: 9am-4pm

LOCATION: Cape Ann area

COST: $100

The New England coastline offers many fun play areas for those with the skills to maneuver effectively in close to the rocks. This class will introduce kayakers to the skills needed to paddle in the rock zone.

· Recognition of Rock Garden Features and Water Reading Skills

· Effective Boat Handling/Strokes in Rock Gardens /Timing of Strokes & Maneuvers

· Group Awareness

· Landing and Launching from Rocks

· Rescues and Tows in Rock Gardens

· Running Through Narrow Gaps in Control

· Emergency Boat Repairs

Helmets are required for this course.

Directions to the Gloucester/Greasy Pole:

Greasy Pole – Take Route 128 N to exit 14, turn right onto Route 133 east. Drive 2.9 miles on Route 133. Turn left onto Route 127 and drive 0.4 mile to the public landing on right. Small parking lot at the landing and street parking along the beach

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If anyone is on the fence about whether or not to take this class, TAKE IT. Simon and Jeff are both very skilled instructors and taught an excellent ocean skills class today. They have a very nice teaching style and gave all of us a lot of personal attention. So...don't pass up this opportunity if you want to learn rock gardening skills.


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That's too bad, Al. Maybe if you had left out the word "rock" and just called it a gardening class, she might have taken you up on it.


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