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Many new members do not realize that Private Trips are open to everyone with the appropriate skills. Since they are not officially sponsored by NSPN nor formally led, they are called Private for legal reasons. So if you are trying to get on the water, check this conference and the Calendar for NSPN sponsored trips and the Private Trip conference for non-sponsored trips.


Al Coons

Cetus - Red/White

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>Many new members do not realize that Private Trips are open

>to everyone with the appropriate skills.

Therein lies the rub, doesn't it? I suspect it is very difficult for a new member to ascertain whether they have the appropriate skills for a typical Private Trip. Add to that, I suspect there is some trepidation for going on a trip announced with all kinds of disclaimers suggesting everyone is on their own and no trip level given. All of which is most unfortunate as Private Trips are, aside from hiring a guide or taking a lesson, may be the only way for a new member to get experience on the ocean and to stretch their comfort zone aside from just going out and doing it by themselves.

While you can never assume a poster of Private Trip has a clue, the odds are there will be folks along who have a great deal of experience and no small skill set. And I'm sure they are glad to welcome, mentor, and if needed help new members who are responsibly testing their limits. After all and to steal a phrase; a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner. To state the obvious, you learn to paddle on the sea by paddling on the sea So at some point new members are likely to want and need to go on Private Trips to develop as paddlers depending upon their goals and they should be encouraged to do so as opposed to creating mental barriers to inhibit and hinder them.

Which raises the points so graciously made by Sir Christopher a few days ago. If you go on a Private Trip, you are expected (I believe) to assume the responsibility of checking the weather, tide and charts, evaluating the proposed route and activities, being minimally equipped, and having a heart to heart with the poster if you have any questions/concerns, and finally to evaluate what likely lies ahead and decide to launch or not. You are the captain of your vessel and practicing some seamanship is to be expected.

All of which is meant to be supportive and encouraging of new members going on Private Trips.

Ed Lawson

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It has been brought to my attention that my comments would be interpreted as discouraging new members from going on Private Trips. My intent was the opposite. The point I poorly articulated was new members might hesitate to go on such trips as they might not be confident they had the "skills" to participate and/or be somewhat intimidated by the description/venue. However, my experience is everyone is welcomed on Private Trips, and they can provide great experiences for new and old members alike and a way to meet other members. I believe new members would find Private Trips provide excellent opportunities to gain knowledge, enhance skills by using them, and have a enjoyable journey. I know I have learned and continue to learn a great deal as a beginning paddler by watching experienced paddlers on Private Trips, following their advice, and asking questions which others were happy to answer.

My only caveat was that anyone joining a Private Trip should exercise some basic seamanship by taking the effort to understand the trip and evaluate conditions which might occur. All part of being a competent paddler. Private Trips provide a good venue for learning these things as well since you can check your estimates with others on the trip.

Ed Lawson

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