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Plum Island Greenheads


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I'd like to do a morning paddle behind Plum Island next

week, putting in at the boat access provided by the Parker

River Wildlife Refuge. Might someone know if the greenheads

have made their presence known yet in that vicinity?

Thanks in advance,


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I've heard it said that the greenheads start soon after the full moon of July and last until the full moon of August. That's because the spring tides associated with the full moon floods their nests.

Assuming that is true, the question this year is when that will happen. There are ~two~ full moons in July, the 2nd and the 31st. So, will the July new moon (the 17th) play a role?

Anybody into greenhead-ology know the answer?


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the evil buggers start hatching (after spending a really long time in larva state in the muck of the salt marsh) in late june actually, they just live for a few months longer than any of us enjoy, so july is when there is an icky concentration of them. like mosquitoes, the missus needs to be a vampire in order to have the nutrients to lay another evil brood.


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