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boat repair kit?

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Trying to put together a repair kit that's more than just ducktape, plastic bags and bungie cord. What do people take for quick/emergency repair of their hull? Duct tape doesn't hold too well unless I can really dry the surface.



wish I was there


deep blue over white

impex kevlar currituck

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repair kit

ratcheting screwdriver with various heads - about 4 inches length

self tapping wood screws

multi tool - pliers, awl


sea scissors

small nuts/bolts

zip ties - vaious lengths

spare bungie

spare line

coupla rdf's for ndk

prepared patches - 6 inch square pieces of hard plastic with denzo tapes edges. wrapped in wax paper in individual baggies...with latex gloves

lotsa duct tape


small fiberlgass repair kit

float bags

what some of that does...if there is a hole in the boat, you can apply one of the hard plastic patches and screw it in place with the denzo (waterproof plumbing tape) sealing the edges. then wrap that whole thing with duct tape....all the way around the boat around the deck to hull...it ain't pretty but it holds like the dickens. then put the float bag in that hatch. overkill.

depending on what the repair is / where i am / where i am going, i may or may not do a fairly thorough repair to a "just get me home" repair. the thinking being that the field repair will be ugly and will have to be stripped off anyways when you go to do a more proper and aesthetically appealing repair of your boat.

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