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Spray skirt size for Explorer


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What make and size best fit's the Explorer. My 4-5 year old snapdragon M just developed tears on the front edge of the combing. I can't determine if it was too old-normal wear & tear or too small for the Explorer. Oh yes, did I mention I now paddle an Explorer?

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Snapdragon makes a neoprene sprayskirt specifically for the Explorer. You may have to order it but it's hard to beat a sprayskirt sized for our own boat. I lucked out and grabbed one at NESC; they had one when I needed it, when my old one failed, which reminds me: get the renforced sprayskirt ( it has a band of reinforced fabric around the rim, where the coaming digs into the neoprene). I had first gotten the less expensive, non-reinforced one, and a hole appeared in it recently. The reinforced one is worth the extra (@$20?) bucks.

I think the Explorer sprayskirt size is called "super keyhole".

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My experience with the standard Snapdragon medium is that it leaks quite a bit around the coaming on my Explorer. YMMV.

Oh, and congrats on the "real" kayak :-))

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