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Misery Island Moorings


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I'd like to launch from my boat off Misery. Can anyone tell me or point me to a resource for how the moorings are assigned (any public or reserveable)? I've seen blue, white, and orange -- do they have different ownership / rights?


- RA

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If you are coming from afar and mooring, perhaps overnight, at Misery google Misery Island Moorings. You will find resources such as


If you are travelling from nearby and mooring there to launch I would suggest that you simply launch from nearby. There are ample locations with ample parking. If you are avoiding the trip to the islands, it isn't very far or challenging. Starting in the islands also somewhat precludes your ability to assess conditions as you approach them. This is a feature of the Salem Sound archipelago, approach and assess, then find the conditions or sites you seek.

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