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Turn your semi dry suit into a dry suit.


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Some of us can't tolerate the latex seal on our necks that come with dry suits. To compensate I purchased the Kokatat semi dry suit. Identical to the dry suit except lighter fabric (tropos) and neoprene plung neck instead of latex. Works absolutely fine if your primary goal is to avoid hypothermia in chilly seas. I also recommend the 100 Polar fleece liner underneath. The neoprene neck will let in a few spoon fulls of water if you capsize. Since you are also wearing a PFD and your neck should be out of the water as you're contemplating your next move, no real problem. However, if you're like me and like to practice rolling in chilly water, the semi dry will eventually take on too much internal water for comfort. The solution is the NRS Mystery Hood. You don't even need to don the hood, just slip the neck over the neoprene and wa la, no more water gets in. I tested this concept this afternoon at Misery and was perfectly dry. See this link for the hood recommended. It comes in two sizes; s/m and m/l I recommend the s/m. While the neck over the neoprene punge collar feels firm it is nothing like the suffocating feeling I get with latex.


Kudos must be extended to George Groneth who first suggested this to me.

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