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Fox Creek in June


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Can anyone tell me if the motorboats are cruising thru Fox Creek behind Crane's yet? Is it better to time it at high tide when there is a little more room and visibility or closer to mid tide when it's more shallow, but not too shallow? Or is it advisable to aviod on Sunday afternoons already?


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Motorboats start using Fox Creek and the canal as soon as they are on the water. Like kayakers, they will go through to Essex Bay anytime above the half tide. I've seen them slalom through the upper creek at speed.

Not a reason to avoid Fox Creek, but a reason to keep a heads up and particularly in the high grass between Castle Neck and Essex Bay, keep to the side of the channel.

Yes, the lower the tide, the less likely a motor boat, but not a reason to let your guard down.


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Thanks for the info, Scott. The visibility at high tide was better than I remembered (at least the visibility for kayakers seeing larger boats, not necessarily the other way around I suppose.) As it turned out, there was not another moving boat to be seen thru the fog all afternoon. One benefit of not so nice weather.

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