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My next VHF


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Ok, I guess it is time. I don't think that my old Raytheon is transmitting any more. I have called for a radio check several times & have not had anyone come back.

I was just looking @ the Icom M72 & it seems to have some great features.

So, what say you? Other suggestions?



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I have the M72 and so far so good. It's a bit skinnier than the M88 which makes it a bit easier to fit into a PFD pocket when compared with some of the other models out there. Battery life seems to be pretty good as well. The speaker drying feature is surprisingly useful as well. Audio is clear and the sucker gets really loud too so there shouldn't be issues hearing it in pounding surf.

Cheers, Joe

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I just purchaesed one at West Marine for 179.99. They sell them for 199 but they price matched Consumers marine Electronics price for me. Actually Consumers Marine is a great place to order from, comes from NJ and you will get your item in one to two days regular ground shipping cost. consumersmarine.com


Avocet RM Dawn

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