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Low Tech Weather Qestion for John Huth


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I was reading up on weather this morning waiting for the snowplow ( snow had melted down to about 6" and now another foot arrives..grrrr) and

read that when a warm/low front approaches the barometer actually rises before falling. Mind explaining why this happens and how useful for forecasting while on trips? I guess that assumes a barometer and do you find using a barometer on kayak trips all that useful?


Ed Lawson

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I don't know the precise answer. What I have done was to take my barometer and make a 2-week chart of the pressure and annotated it with weather observations. When I did this, I found that cold fronts first had a major drop and then a rise in pressure.

Some of this freakishness might have to do with local humidity conditions- air condensing and freezing.

I do carry a Brunton "weather station" - which is pretty good, but I still prefer to look at the clouds.

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