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Kayaking for the disabled?

Bill Gwynn

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My dad has a friend that is paraplegic, and is wondering about kayaking. I seem to recall a thread somewhere on this subject, but can't seem to find it. Can someone point me in the right direction. The fellow in question lives in southern NH.

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The ACA offers an adaptive paddling endorsement to teach coaches how to adapt kayaking classes to a variety of physical challenges. The one person I know personally who has this endorsement is Becky Molina in Florida. You can contact her at: Phone: (772) 595-9793; or (888) canoe 90 (888-226-6390) Or e-mail at BeckMark@aol.com.



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billy -

buddy and dottie hogan were working for outdoor explorations...oe is based out of Medford and they organize and run outdoor experiences for folks with various disabilities. i attached a link below.

dottie and buddy i believe are now working in some capacity with the veterans administrations in setting up/running paddling programs for vets. if you want their #, just give me a holler.


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Hi Bill- I also have the Adapative Paddling endorsement, and I just finished teaching the paddling skills portion of the Adaptive Paddling workshop for instructors through Northeast Passage at UNH in Durham. They have several paddling programs and other adaptive sports programs, and are great folks to work with. If you would like other info, drop me a line or call.

Thanks- Alex L

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