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Nutrition for Sea Kayakers, a NSPN Zoom Event, presented by Dan Carr 2/15/24 at 7:00 pm.

Sue H.

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To participate in this zoom event 2/15/23 at 7:00 pm, click this link (https://mit.zoom.us/j/94956743497).

Dan states:  "This talk reflects my personal exploration of food and hydration planning for kayak tripping which was conducted over about a six-year period.  Given some unpleasant experiences with multi-day paddle trips, I systematically looked at the energy demands of sea kayaking and nutritional information for typical foods that I took on trips.  On those findings, I researched food supplements that would increase the nutritional value of my adventure foods and not detract from the culinary experience. "

The result of this research is some simple practices that can help you be better fueled and:

  • Improve your athletic and cognitive performance.

  • Improve your sleep.

  • Limit injury and illness; and

  • Help your body recover more quickly from those big challenging days.

I have found that application of these practices has made my subsequent trip experiences more rewarding and fun.  After all fun is what is important!

My presentation will provide:

1) a summary of published information on energy demands of paddling and the findings of several years monitoring energy burn rates with a sports watch, that supported the published information.

2) I will review nutritional guidelines and application of the guidelines to meal planning.  

3) I provide a summary of food supplements that can be used to increase the caloric content, and the content of fat and protein, which are deficient in most dehydrated foods.  

4)  Finally, I will review a listing of food items for on the fly fueling to supplement your three-meal day. 

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Thanks Dan for your well researched presentation and your willingness to share a pdf of your slides.

If folks are interested in maintaining energy over the course of the day whilst paddling, take a look at Dan’s slides.  There are tips and resources to calculate your individual hydration & caloric needs.  Sue

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Good stuff, Dan. Thank you very much for making the effort and recommendations. Your presentation is very inspirational for this chronically hopelessly underfueled paddler. 

For those who listen to John Chase’s “Paddling the Blue” podcast, the latest episode #106 with Tom Daly is very much on topic. Reminds me of 8 hour childhood hikes in the Alps with 2 oranges, a chocolate bar and 1 liter of unsweetened black tea with lemon juice between my dad and me. Seems like I haven’t learned much since then. Looking forward to integrating your recommendations into my longer days.

Thanks again!


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Thanks Andy.  I would be happy to do the talk again if there was sufficient interest.  Im guessing that many of us are chronically underfueled.  Longer days and current play and surfing in a small boat are the most energy demanding. 


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