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A Cautionary Tale

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Hi Folks,

If you haven't looked at the recent post titled "Spray skirt question" and read the entirety of the subsequent dialogue, I would highly recommend you do !  Nick not only got great advice regarding types of skirts and proper fit etc, but the thread sparked a valuable discussion regarding wet exist procedures and a few cautionary tales.  Below is a link to Joe's recent spray skirt incidence within that thread, detailing his own cautionary tale.  Although he, as many of us would, implied he got a bit unnerved by the incident, his take away was to chalk it up to lesson learned.  Knowing and practicing the various techniques of removing your spray skirt, and freeing oneself from your kayak, are important skills in your tool kit !  They will become second nature when learned and subsequently practiced at regular intervals over your kayaking career.  In fact, paying attention to skills across all areas of kayaking and practice, practice, practice makes (near) perfect, as the old adage says.  Can you tell I am looking forward to this summer's skills sessions ?  We learn some stuff, have fun, build our sense of community and become more skilled, more safe on-the-water.

Thanks to Nick for asking the membership for advice and to all who contributed their knowledge and experiences.  It warms my heart!  And thanks to Joe for his candor and detailed description of his cautionary tale, and sensible conclusion !

Cheers, Sue


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