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Lost paddle

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Hi Folks,

Over the weekend I spent some time cleaning up & organizing my garage.  In this process, as the near foot and a half of snow was falling here in Amesbury, I was examining the condition of my kayak kit.  Much to my surprise I discovered my primary paddle, a relatively new Cyprus Werner 205 small shaft paddle was missing !  I have been having more-than-usual difficulty separating it upon returning from a trip.  I'm thinking I must have set it aside while I loaded the rest of my kit in the car, planning to try again to separate it before departing.  I'm not sure where I last paddled, but it was about 6 weeks ago.  If anyone has seen this MIA paddle, send me a PM and I'd be grateful.  Also if anyone has a comparable paddle to sell, let me know !

Thanks, Sue

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My condolences, Sue.   We will keep a lookout.  

I did a similar thing leaving my cyprus paddle parallel to the car, on the ground while loading the car.  I was going to break it down and put it in at the end.  And, I just drove away.  That hurts!!


It wasn't as bad as breaking my kayak into three pieces, though.  I guess I’m grateful for that.  

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Ugh! I feel you pain too having left my Werner carbon Kauai paddle never to be seen again. 

Also, my best ever snap dragon skirt.  Sigh!  So much to keep track of.

You are not alone.  We will keep a lookout for sure and fingers crossed.

You never know.


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@Sue and Glad: you need to develop this post-paddle safe habit -- leaning your paddle against the front of the car or against the driver's door (the mirror will prevent its falling), where it is obviously going to catch your eye as you try to drive away without it!  😁

@Sue: sorry for your loss, as they say...

and @Barbara: what about hanging your sprayskirt on the end of a crossbar  (again, on the driver's side) while you load the boat?

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Hi Sue,… I have a Werner Cyprus paddle for sale if you are still interested in acquiring one. The Cyprus is a 205cm Straight Shaft in excellent condition. $410 . I have a Cyprus 210cm SShaft with a blemish on the blade. The blemish does not affect the integrity of the paddle: $125. Or take both Werner’s off my hands for:$510. 

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