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Kokatat hydration bladder maintenance

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Here's some information you probably don't need (yet).    I use a Kokatat-branded hydration bladder that is actually made by Hydrapak.   Here is some information about part replacement and maintenance.   The slider closure of the bladder can become very hard to operate, but a little bit of food grade silicon lubricant works wonders.  The drinking tube and mouthpiece can be replaced with hydrapak parts or parts from other manufacturers of hydration systems.   A cleaning kit for the hose can be obtained from hydrapak; the hose tends to get populated by an unspeakable micro-biota after a while.   I had to replace the o-ring in the quick disconnect (hose to bladder connection);  the following size worked:   8 mm inner diameter (ID)  by 2 mm cross-section (CS)  by 12 mm outer diameter (OD).   In general, o-ring dimensions can be specified by any two of ID, CS, and OD.  Lubricate the o-ring with a tiny bit of food grade silicon lubricant, not cooking oil, etc.


Edit: Don't believe everything you read on the internet.  The o-ring leaked.  The only solution I found is to buy a new quick-disconnect from hydrapak.  $7 part to replace a 50 cent o-ring.

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Just used my Osprey cleaning kit to clean a reservoir tube.  The brush did a great job to clean the tube, then the springy stem immediately broke into a few pieces.  This was the first time I'd used it.

If you use a Camelbak reservoir with a bite valve that slides onto the tube, they slide off too.  Keep a spare in your kit.

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After various unsuccessful attempts to clean and repair my original Kokatat/Hydrapak bladder (the quick-release connection to the hose was failing), I just bought an entire new Osprey bladder (designed for biking) from REI and stuck it in where the old bladder had been.

I have to say it is a superior product to the Hydrapak. The slider closure is way easier to operate and the quick-release is located in a much more convenient location.

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