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Nylon tunnel tear repair on sprayskirt

Barbara Ryan

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I have a horseshoe shaped tear in the nylon part of a Snap Dragon tunnel (velcro style) sprayskirt.

Reading past posts from 2009 Aquaseal was recommended for repairing a tear in a sprayskirt.  Gearaid recommends Aquaseal FD for permanent repairs. 

Gearaid also recommends tenacious tape.

I am tempted to use the Aquaseal first and when set and dry use the TT and then put a cute sea themed patch over that.  Maybe of a mola mola. 

Your experience and suggestions greatly appreciated. 


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Because that part of the tunnel gets a lot of shearing and stretching forces I think any repair has a tough road ahead of it. I’d go for an approach where you overlay and sew/glue a patch with similar thickness, flexibility and toughness to the original fabric - not tenacious tape, which is not very “load bearing” although it’s very sticky. 

You might look around for a piece of nylon stuff sack or old tent to cut up into a rectangular patch, fold the edges of the patch inwards, and sew the folded edges over the rip. The seal the stitching with aquaseal from the inside. It won’t keep all the water out but no spray skirts really do that anyway, and it might hold for a while. 

you could just glue the patch with aquaseal but I doubt that will last long. 

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Immersion Research will repair skirts of any brand - I recently had them alter one of mine and they did a great job for a very reasonable price. You may consider that route, especially since Snap Dragon isn't around anymore!

If you fill out their online form and send a photo they will give a quote.


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This is great info.: how to do it myself and how to get it done for me.  Thanks so much Janet and Joe! 

Btw: I found and bought this skirt online  last night (right size, new but needing repair) and was super excited and then received an email that there had been a mistake and it was already sold.  sigh. 

Now we know how to fix them tho.  

I love this group! 

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(When you secure a used ripped skirt tunnel, Barb,) I would first approximate the edges of the rip, then put a piece of packaging tape on one side to hold the edges together. On the opposite side, do the aqua seal repair. When that side has finished curing, peel off the tape on the opposite side and apply more aqua seal there.

FWIW, I have had good luck warming the tube of AS (currently stored in freezer; thaw @ room temp) by either placing in direct summer sun (Happy Solstice!), or placing thawed tube in pot that you have added enough boiling water to cover tube, then wait 5 min to effect the repair.


FROM A POST 3 YRS AGO, demonstrating results of warmed AS AND sprayskirt in the hot summer sun (still going strong!):

IMGP0471.thumb.JPG.47d58357736fbcbceabf8c6b4c57dd99.JPG   IMGP0472.thumb.JPG.28f4cf3df265b3176650d7cf06781c83.JPG



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I agree with the sewn patch and aqua seal approach. I have used it myself. It is a little easier to do if you use an adhesive nylon fabric patch, (Not tenacious tape ) one patch stuck from inside and one on the outside, then sew around the edges, and finally aquaseal the stitches on each side. The patch will outlast the sprayskirt!

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