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A Thank you to NSPN

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Hello, I have been a member of NSPN now for @1 1/2 years and although I have very rarely posted and not attended any events, I live in western Ma. so not so convenient, I do plan on it someday. Meanwhile, my wife and I are working on basic skills here at home. I just looked at the trip planning course that was mentioned in the previous post and it made me think of how much time the people here have put into making resources available  for others. From the skill building events to the planned trips.  We are very inspired to read all the trip reports  and seeing all the advice that is offered so freely. There are too many individuals to mention so I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has made a contribution to this effort. We hope to start meeting some of you all next summer and start exploring the sea with such a knowledgeable group. Thanks again!


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Thank you for the kind words, Tom. If you talk with most anyone you will meet ant any of these trips or events, you I’ll find that they do it because someone did it for them as they were starting out. I still remember the day my wife and I asked for help launching into the surf on our first ocean trip. They were more than helpful, and admittedly quite amused, to get us off the beach through the 6-inch wavelets!!!

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you at some point, and eventually hearing about your amazing journeys in the years to come.  

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