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York Harbor to BraveBoat, Friday, 4/14

Jim Snyder

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A winter lunch paddle! Conditions are predicted to be nice, very light winds and small waves. Tiny practice surf is possible at the small beach outside York Harbor and in BraveBoat, but unlikely unless forecast develops. Hot lunch is again encouraged! 

As with all trips in this season, even though air temperatures may reach 70, the water is still barely above 40. Reliable drysuits, layers, and neoprene headgear are required. 

Post interest here, and I'll post a float plan link if we have a trip. 

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17 hours ago, Jim Snyder said:

There is a designated drop off spot here on Harris Island Road: 

Dropped pin

Then you park around the corner on Lilac Lane. It's a nice harbor launch and the tide will be going out so no current to fight. 

Thanks, Jim.  I've been there before but hadn't kept directions so didn't remember exactly where it was!

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