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NTSKW (New to Sea Kayak Workshop), Reminder and Request for Volunteers

Sue H.

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Hello Members,

Please review the description of NTSKW on our calendar.  If you are new to kayaking, and/or have a family member, or a friend who has expressed interest in kayaking, feel free to invite them to join you at the workshop through registering by email to ntskw@nspn.org or on our calendar, or via Facebook and MeetUp.  

We will be looking for volunteers to bring boats, help with set-up and break-down of the event, and to mingle with potential NSPN members.  Mike Habich will be reaching out to some of you to bring boats for demonstration purposes.  I would like folks to PM (private message) me if available for general volunteering support of the event.  I also encourage any member to casually stop by to show your enthusiasm for kayaking and our club.  Sharing how you got started as a kayaker, how you developed your skills and your experiences on-the-water, can be very encouraging and inspiring to newcomers!

Attached find the NTSKW agenda and NTSKW flyer (which you can print and hang at your local outdoor shop or coffee shop etc).  

This is an opportunity to pay-it-forward and to assist growing the kayak community !  I hope to see you there!

Cheers, Sue

1168940739_2023NTSKWFlyer.pdfINSKW 2023 Agenda.pdf

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