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New Years Day Paddle (Lake George NY)


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Good Day….. we have a New Year’s Day paddle every January 1St.

where: Lake George..NY

Meet@: Million Dollar Beach

Time: 10:30AM

The group paddles up to the Diamond Islands. We time the paddle to watch the Polar Bear swimmers take the frigid plunge. We do about 7-8 miles of paddling. The scenery is spectacular.Hope some of you are interested in paddling with us to bring in the New Year.

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Hi, let me give a bit more information regarding the Lake George New Years Day paddle.

- A bunch of friends and I have been doing this paddle annually. 
—Lake George will be a 50 minute ride on highway 87 N from Albany. It would take most of you perhaps 4-5 hours to get here.

—  Hotels are plentiful. Fort William Henry is right on, and over-looking-the lake. The village of Lake George is festive with boat rides on the lake ….we watch and wave to riders on the St. Sacrament as that large craft passes us on the water. Other large tourist boats pass us too. 
* we time our paddle so that we can watch the Polr Bears take the plunge into the icy waters of Lake George. Their are so many Polar Bear swimmers the organizers have to place swimmers in two to three staggered groups. Local newspapers and Albany TV stations cover this event….

—after our paddle we go out and eat, chat and celebrate the NewPaddle Season..

* I will notify participants by early December 31st if we have to cancel due to weather/wind. Let me know if you need additional information…..Regards, Paul-pitt16


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Wonderful to see a NY chapter of NSPN doing a New Years Paddle.

Weather permitting, I will likely be posting a New Years Eve or Day paddle in Massachusetts, a wee bit of a shorter drive for most of us.  Keep an eye out - I'll be posting something next week - likely on Tuesday - when we have a better sense of what the weather will bring us in terms of conditions in New England!


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