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Boating Adventures & Misadventures with Bob Foote on June 17th

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NPSN is pleased to sponsor a Boating Adventures/Misadventures class with Bob Foote on June 17th.

Water is dynamic. In a blink of an eye, it can change from being a placid, inviting, and relaxing

environment to one that is unfamiliar, unpredictable, and threatening. Bob Foote knows this first hand. For over twenty-five years he has been leading canoe and kayak trips to some of the more remote and not-so-remote regions of South America, Central America and North America. He’s had to deal with everything from minor injuries and capsize recoveries to flash floods and large waves breaking apart his boat.

In this class Bob will go over some of these real life paddling-related scenarios. Student’s will work together to come up with strategies and techniques to avoid or handle such situations. Through drills and role-playing, students will also spend time on the water developing the necessary rescue skills and awareness that is needed when out kayaking (whether it be on a lake, river, or on the ocean). This class will be a mixture of dry-land and on-water (some lecture, but mostly on water scenarios and drills).

More information will be posted to the NPSN calendar soon, so please check back.



VCP-Anas Acuta

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This sounds like a great class, as does the women's kayaking workshop and the Wilderness First Aid, but they are ALL on Fathers Day weekend. I believe NESC is also offering a workshop this same weekend. I know the availability of instructors must be worked with and is probably the reason they are all at the same time, but I think if it were possible to spread the classes out (and avoid days where family commitments are quite likely), more people could attend.

Just my thoughts, since all the classes are of interest to me, but they are on a weekend that is tough to get away on.

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