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Building a Stripper

gerry s

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I'm in the process of building another wood strip/fiberglass kayak. Many people have expressed interest, curiosity, envy? etc. If there is enough interest I'd be glad to have a "shoptalk" session over a cup of coffee/tea in my shop, see the work in progress, answer questions, etc. The forms are set, I just ripped the strips and shaped the cove and bead and will hopefully start assembly soon. If there is enough interest we'll set a date for a group get together; or I'd be glad to meet one on one. This could be combined with a paddle afterwards in the great variety of water/conditions around Portsmouth.

Post interest or e-mail me directly

Gerry Smith


Looks like this Saturday (Feb 4) would be good for me. I'll plan to be here in the morning working on the boat so anyone interested should just come by around 10:00 am. Bring your gear and we'll do a paddle afterwards. If you're interested but can't make it Sat. just let me know and we'll set something up.

Call or e-mail for directions or mapquest

Gerry Smith

306 South St

Portsmouth, NH

603 431 5406

gws7983 at yahoo dot com

an rsvp might be good just in case

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I have to be in Portsmith on Feb 10 for Disaster training...got room for me thrusday night the 9th and we could talk boats!! Right now I am particulary interested in how you did the cove and bead. I have joined a woodworkers group here and they suggest it is not that hard! Thinking of doing it next winter. And I too am interested in what you are building!!


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In case you haven't heard about it, there is an outstanding online kayak building website sponsored by Guillemot Kayaks.


It's a tresure trove of information on kayak building in general, with an emphasis on strip building. There have been many discussions on the use of cove and bead strips vs. beveling the edges. There are pros and cons to both methods.

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