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Anyone have a spare drysuit neck gasket? Urgently needed for Covid Ventilator project

Dan Foster

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An engineering friend of mine is working on designs for supplementing our nation's ventilator supply with alternative devices that can be rapidly produced. He's currently trying to make a ventilator helmet (sorta like a diving bell helmet) and is looking for one or more drysuit or SCUBA neck gaskets to validate a prototype design.

Does anyone have an unused neck gasket, or know how to get in touch with a kayak shop owner who might have them in stock?

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Thanks for the offers to help! In the time between when I passed along
my friend's request for drysuit gaskets before heading off to sleep on
Friday night and the time I just work up on Saturday morning, his team
has made the decision to switch to a design that uses an off-the-shelf
full face mask for snorkeling instead of a "bucket over the head with
a neck gasket" design, thinking that the former will be cheaper and
easier to source in mass quantities than the neck gaskets.

I'll get back in touch if they decide to reconsider a design that
needs neck gaskets, but for now, we can go back to using them for
drysuit repairs. Thanks again for the offers to help!

 - Dan

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