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Proposed weather course


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Dear All -

We were tentatively proposing the dates of Jan 21 and 28 for a navigation/weather workshop. I *think* I'm tagged for weather. I'd like to see if these dates work. I crafted a draft syllabus for the weather course and wanted to get some first reactions to it.

I'd probably have a combination of a projector show (to show photos of cloud formations, mirages etc), with a flip-board.

Comments most welcome.

John Huth

Draft syllabus for kayak weather course

I Basics

a) Hot and cold air densities

B) Temperature as a function of altitude, latitude

c) Equal pressure assumption

d) Coriolis effect

e) Global weather patterns, doldrums, trades, mid-latitudes, polar

II Fronts and barometric pressures

a) Warm fronts

B) Cold fronts

c) Winds – veering and backing

d) Nor’easters

e) Cyclonic disturbances

III Special topics

a) Radiative and advective (hot and cold) fog

B) Tropical onshore and offshore patterns

IV Clouds

a) Cirrus (mare’s tails)

B) Cirrocumulus (mackerel scales)

c) Altocumulus (rollers)

d) Altostratus

e) Stratus

f) Nimbostratus (rain clouds)

g) Cumulus (puffy clouds)

h) Nimbocumulus (thunder clouds)

i) Bizarre clouds – noctilucent, lenticular

V Weather signs

a) Winds and fronts

B) Halos around sun/moon

c) Red sky at night/morning etc

d) Reading the clouds

e) Dew, humidity

f) Northern/southern hemisphere considerations

g) Barometric pressure and wind directions

h) Mirages – fata morgana, green flash, distant images

VI Waves (optional)

a) Circulation pattern in water waves

B) Velocity, period relations

c) Swells

d) Waves, breaking conditions

e) Cat’s paw

f) Reflections

g) Refraction

h) Clapotis

i) Eckman transport (wind driven currents)

j) Effect of fetch, wind velocity on wave height and period

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I will definitely take this course. In fact, I'd like to see an even longer, more intensive course, perhaps along the lines of last winter's nav course which, I believe went for a number of sessions (corrections, please)

Who's teaching? You?


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Yes, I'd be the one teaching weather. I believe Rick Crangle will be doing Navigation.

I'm imagining something pretty "in depth": two sessions. I can call waves part of the syllabus.

To cover that amount reasonably, I think I'd need at least three evening sessions, or two sessions on two days - I guess the 21st and the 28th would work well for me.

As part of the "hands-on" experience, I'll probably be asking people to keep weather diaries between the two sessions - recording temperatures, barometric pressure, wind direction, and most importantly, cloud formations.

John H

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Greg Paquin will be coming up from Connecticut to do the navigation class. What you have as an outline is impressive and of interest to a lot of us. I think between Greg and you, John, that there will be enough subject to fill up the day, or more. Perhaps I could help you out with the wave and current side of the discussion along with Greg. I hope folks will get behind this class and take advantage of the efforts of those that are willing to put it together. There will be several such events throughout the winter months that look to be very interesting and a great opportunity to get together.

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