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guess who ?

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No, that is certainly not me in the background or anywhere near this situation.

It's just a photo I found of the Frau from a qajaq thing in MI. Seems that she's the new queen of Greenland skills.

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considering all the warnings about keeping yourself in "the box" so as not to stress any joints while paddling and then all the warnings about maintaining that position while surfing because those forces could really mess you up....whaddya think happens to anyone but frau when they fall forward, back or any other dang way and crunch their NECK on the coaming? and while no physiologist, necks seem more delicate than shoulders and ellbows and such and those can be pretty delicate...while painful has anyone died from a broken shoulder/elbow? going to guess not...

on the other hand, she is something, ain't she? circus freak city! wish i had that balance...

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