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Paddle out of Lanes Cove Sunday 8/7

Joseph Berkovitz

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Hi all,

In the interest of getting something going for this great-looking weekend, I'm proposing some sort of Level 3-esque trip out of Lanes Cove on Sunday morning. I am offering to coordinate and organize the contact info and float plan. I think it would be fun to go around Pigeon Cove and down to Rockport or Straitsmouth I. for lunch. I see that this has been a successful route in the past, so hopefully conditions will favor doing it again.  The weather looks promising so far: forecast is for sunny, 80s with light NW winds, <= 2 ft seas. Low tide is around 9.30 am.

Full disclosure: I have never actually been to Lanes, which is why I want to go. I have paddled in the Rockport/Straitsmouth area. I'm in no way advertising myself as a trip leader in the water - but I do hope that some more experienced NSPN hands than I (of which there are many) will join in! And this is a CAM trip, so regardless we should be able to use what we've learned and stay together, comfortable and safe.

I don't know the conditions at the put-in at LT, but I generally like to get going a little early and get an edge on the wind springing up later. I am thinking of a BiB time of 9 am, so would like to meet up at the boat ramp at 8.30. 

Please indicate interest on this thread. If we see some action on this thread in the next couple of days I will solicit more contact info and we can put together a float plan.


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Parking won't be an issue at the time you're proposing.  I, too, would ordinarily join you but will just have gotten back from Maine.

I am likely to post something for the next wknd - likely Sat 8/13 - so keep an eye on the board.

Meanwhile, good for you, Joe, for posting your first trip!  It,s one of my faves.



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Thanks for the responses. If it turns out it's just me and Elizabeth we could call it a DAM trip -- Dual Adventure Model.  David and Pru, too bad you can't join!

Here is a trip summary:

As per what I take to be the usual conventions, if you are going, please PM me with the following. I will send out a float plan by email on Saturday afternoon to whoever's responded by then.

1)  Your Name;

2)  a description of your boat (color, length, make);

3)  an emergency contact for the day of the trip (name and phone#);

4)  Your email and telephone

5)  if the Trip Initiator does not already know you, include your “paddling resume”, i.e., a brief description of your paddling experience. This can include recent NSPN trips you have been on, members you regularly paddle with, classes taken, practice sessions attended, assessments completed, etc. It need not be more than a few sentences.

(I copied this from another member's invitation, so don't take #5 as a sign that I am getting uppity.)

Hope to see you Sunday!

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