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Anyone paddling near Plum Island or Lane's Cove Saturday morning?


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Mel and I are doing Woods Hole to Menemsha Saturday. If anyone is up for a 30-miler with a 12 mile downwind/into current surfing run at the end of the day, please let us know, and we'd love you to join us. Pace is prob'ly 4 - 4.5 knots, tides are favorable (~2 knot push all morning), and weather forecast is calling for ~15+ kt SW in the afternoon, making for some nice long downwind surfing runs. Lunch at Larsen's in Menemsha is a classic.

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Thanks Josko for the invite!  My window isn't big enough to get down to Woods Hole on Saturday, but it sounds like a great paddle!

If anyone knows how I can renew my membership, please let me know.  When I add it to cart, it just gives that wheelie thing over and over.

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Do not try to add a membership to your cart, since one is already there waiting for payment.  Go to the STORE tab on the forum, and under the main tabs you will see
Orders     Manage Purchases     My Details

Click on Manage Purchases and you should see your current membership there, with the option to renew it.

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