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Looking for Paddling Companions across North America this Summer

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On May 10th, I'll be hitting the road for four months with my Delphin 150 strapped to the roof of my Jetta Sportwagen. The itinerary takes me westward across the northern US (NY, PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, IA, NB, KS, CO, WY, ID, UT, NV, CA, OR, and WA). I'll come home across Canada, ending up in the Sagueney Fjord, then down to Bar Harbor for our September frolics. 

I plan to wet the hull in every state and province I pass through, every Great Lake, the Pacific up to the San Juan Islands, the St. Lawrence and Lake Champlain. 

While some of the outings will be more symbolic than substantive, I am looking for paddling partners to hook up with for safety, local knowledge, longer trips and fun. I will appreciate any connections you can offer.

Please PM me with contact information; I don't want personal information to be shared willy-nilly. 

Play on, 


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Pru, I would appreciate having that connection. I will be in that area sometime between July 8th to 13th. 


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