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NSPN CAM Continuing Education Trips


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As a continuation of the spring Common Adventure Model classroom and on-water sessions, I am proposing three single-day on-water-classroom paddling trips over the summer.  These will be a mix of CAM theory discussions combined with hands-on paddling, and will be designed as a refresher course for those who have already taken the CAM workshops in the past as well as a teaser/introduction for those who have not.  The focus will be on effective group paddling and individual responsibilities within the group, as well as discussions about other CAM concepts and philosophies as the group sees fit.

An example of what a trip might look like:

  • On the beach discussing launch preparation, beach briefing, gathering on the water, and group formations
  • On-water working on different group formations and communication, handling crossings, evaluating conditions
  • Long lunch stop to review morning topics and develop afternoon agenda
  • On-water review of changes in conditions, incident management, navigation
  • Post-paddle review and Q&A back at the launch

The trips will be operated as CAM trips with all participants expected to provide input, along with overall guidance and education from myself and/or other leaders.  Each trip will be held in a different location to provide a diversity of environments and to increase access to our geographically diverse membership.

The proposed locations are:

  • Marblehead
  • Boston
  • Portsmouth

The proposed dates are:

  • Sunday, June 12th
  • Saturday, July 16th
  • Saturday, August 27th

All attendees must be current NSPN members, and all skill levels are encouraged to sign up.  Considerations for weather and overall group interests will dictate the design of the trips, and may justify multiple groups if enough people sign up, however there is the possibility that the conditions may not accommodate all skill levels.  In that event, all efforts will be made to provide an alternate date or venue for those paddlers.

Those that wish to participate should post to this thread which dates they are available along with which location(s) they would prefer for each date.  More than one location can be listed for each date, and we will decide which location for each date based upon the majority of preferences.  Anyone wishing to help with the instructional portion of each trip should PM me so that we can work on logistics as the trips develop.

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July 16 and Aug 27 work for me at this point and I prefer Marblehead and Portsmouth.  If there's anything you'd like me to help with, let me know.



PS:  yes, I copied and pasted Pru's response  :-)

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Now that the CAM classroom and on-water sessions are done, maybe there is renewed interest in these summer Continuing Education series.  They will be excellent opportunities to review any questions that arose from the previous sessions, or get an introduction if you missed them.  As long as we have a minimum of three people, including myself, and conditions are manageable, these trips will go.  Based on current requests, it is looking like the series might work from the south to the north:

June 12 - Boston
July 16 - Marblehead
August 27 - Portsmouth

I would recommend that participants have a look at tides in these general areas on those dates, and see if we can make something work.  I foresee some challenges, but that could make for good learning experiences.  Keep posting interest here, as I hope to finalize locations and start individual trip posting threads by the end of May.

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The August 27th trip has been posted in a separate thread.  Please post your interest to that thread and participate in the discussion about weather and tides over the next week.

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