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Emergency/Tool Kits


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With Leon Somme's new video on what he keeps in his day hatch I took a look inside my kit to compare notes and wonder what everyone else's setups here is?

In my day hatch I keep dry bag with a first aid kit in it, which includes bandages, medical tape, liquid stiches, acetaminophen, and mole skins. I also care a small Philips screwdriver, three Allen wrenches (one for my lendal paddle and two for my p&h scorpios skeg controller and deck line fittings) a roll of gorilla tape and a platypus gravity filter. Finally I keep sunblock, some snacks and a space blanket.

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My answer is it depends. Out for a week of camping: head lamp, snacks, cag, lunch, first aid kit, float bag (like a paddle float but bigger :th_bf-sharksmiley: ), denso tape backed plastic pieces for quick repair, helmet, extra line. Surfing off the beach with the car in the lot; almost nothing. There are some things that never leave the day hatch unless they're being used: two contractor size garbage bags (emergency bivy or hatch covers), some bungy cord, some skinny adjustable straps that can go around the hatch rims, a few feet of 2 or 3mm cord.



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Electrical tape (any color but black which leave black goo!) and splurge for good quality (like Scotch Super 33+) which has better elasticity and adhesive qualities. You don't need to carry a whole roll if you don't want to. Peel off a good amount and roll it back onto itself in a relatively tight roll.

Zip System flashing tape for larger repairs. This is used in home construction to seal joints between special exterior wall sheathing. Use the Zip System product specifically, since real-world testing proved that other brands are nearly impossible to remove easily and leave tons of gooey back sticky stuff, while the Zip System flashing stuck solid but peeled off easily enough. If you don't want to buy a whole 90' roll for $50, I have 9' sections that I can sell for $5 each. I keep a couple of small squares vacuum sealed and stored in my PFD for quick fixes, and a longer roll in my day hatch for more significant damage.

Shammy or something similar for drying off boats, people, or anything else you might need to sick something to during a repair.

Hand towel for getting sunscreen off your hands before paddling to prevent slippery-hands-on-paddle-shaft syndrome without having to put surfers wax on the paddle shaft.

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