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Rye Harbor 7/11/15


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Saturday's paddle was the quintessential mid-summer's day. The sun was warm, the breeze was mild, and the sea was measured in inches instead of feet. A perfect day for some 4* aspirants to paddle with some L2 paddlers in the rocks along the Rye NH coastline. Mike Habich, Jeff Charette, David Carroll, Jill Colbourne, Dave Merriman, and Dave Mercer joined me in an easy paddle from Odiorne Park to Rye Harbor for just a little bit of leadership practice, but mostly just enjoying a beautiful day on the water!

It was amazing to paddle out around the breakwater to find the sea so flat calm, we really thought there would be nothing for us to do on this rock-play trip. A few heads turned to look at the Isle of Shoals with the thought that it was a perfect day to make the trip. However, that was not the plan, and so we stuck with the shoreline hoping to find something to do along the way.

Luckily, there was just enough swell to allow us to tuck right into the rocks and work on timing, acceleration, and judgement (along with a couple of back-surfs for one of us) without consequence. This meant that if you ran out of water, you would gently sit on a rock without loosing too much water around you, and then get gently lifted off again without much worry of getting pushed around.

Taking advantage of any opportunity we could find, we spent three hours paddling the approximate 4-1/2 nautical miles to Rye where we enjoyed lobster rolls, hot dogs, sandwiches, and various other foods in the baking hot summer sun. This left us with two hours to make the trek back, which we did almost to the minute without even really trying.

As always, what really made the day special was the people on the trip. I really enjoyed paddling with everyone in this group, including two that I have never paddled with before. My thanks to everyone for joining me, and I look forward to our next adventure on the water.

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