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Walden, July 8th, 2015 "trip" report


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Most importantly, congratulations to Jo for getting her first offside roll, followed by her second, third, and fourth offside rolls! She did not miss a roll tonight after getting her first offside roll. Awesome! :yippie:

Welcome to Sonya who just moved to the area. Also welcome back Ray who I believe said he attended Walden once before, last year. I hope we will see both of you on the water in the future, and that I spelled your names correctly. :unsure:

Despite scattered showers in the forecast, the evening had beautiful weather.

Unlike most places I paddle, Walden Pond's water is tested weekly, so blissful ignorance is not an option. For the second time this year, I arrived at Walden to discover elevated bacteria levels. The pond's beach was closed to swimmers, and kayakers were warned. However, the levels were not high enough for the rangers to close the park, and did not prevent three of us from getting our heads wet.

All in all a great evening. I hope to see more of the Walden regulars join us next week.

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I recommend you wear nose and ear plugs at Walden during the summer months. A decade ago I spent a couple of hours learning how to roll there and without nose plugs developed a sinus infection that persisted for 6 weeks. Everytime it rains the surrounding lands release more bacteria into the water. Living in Maine, Walden is just about the only thing I miss about Mass.

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